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  • Years of industry experience.

    With more than 20 years of Parylene coating experience, it involves products from all walks of life and has a mature and stable production process.

Nano-controllable film thickness

The unique design structure of the equipment, fast coating speed and high production efficiency can reduce coating costs.

Film uniformity

The coating uniformity is good, the unevenness of the same batch is less than 5%.

Thousands of clean workshop

Possess a thousand-level dust-free workshop to meet the requirements of the processing environment for products with high cleanliness requirements
  • Stable production and raw material supply

    We are partners with raw material manufacturers to provide customers with high-quality and low-cost raw materials in a long-term and stable manner.
  • Independent research and development equipment

    With a research and development team, we can independently research and develop, design, and produce Parylene coating equipment, and provide tailor-made product-specific process solutions and coating systems.
  • Professional team coating equipment and process development

    Operate strictly in accordance with operating standards and strictly control quality

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