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Application in MEMS and semiconductor products

Parylene's vacuum vapor deposition process is not only similar to the manufacturing process of microelectronic integrated circuits, but also the Parylene coating prepared has a low dielectric constant. It can also be etched and mapped by microelectronic processing technology for remetallization, so Parylene can not only Used as a protective material, but also as a dielectric material and mask material in the structural layer. The integrated circuit chip coated with Parylene has a 25um thin-diameter connection line, and the connection strength can be increased by 5-10 times.
Parylene has no pinholes when it is 0.2um thick, and it can withstand DC breakdown voltage above 1000V when it is 5um. It is also a self-lubricating material with a very low friction coefficient. It is chemically inert and has good barrier properties. Therefore, it is used in microelectronics machinery. In the system, in addition to being used as a dielectric material, it is also used as a structural material and protective material for micro transmission mechanisms and micro valves.

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