Magnetic Material


Application on magnetic materials

With the continuous development of the information industry, magnetic components are becoming more and more miniaturized. Traditional protection methods such as electroplating or epoxy electrophoretic paint have been unable to achieve reliable protection. When a small soft magnetic core is used as a wire-raising device, the wear center can easily make the magnetic winding wire lose its insulation.
Parylene can not only overcome this defect, but also form a friction-resistant inner surface, which can accelerate the elongation and winding process. At the same time, it can increase the dielectric properties and high voltage resistance of magnetic materials such as ferrite.
The combination of Parylene's unique preparation process and excellent performance enables it to coat small and ultra-small magnetic materials without weak points. The magnetic materials can be immersed in hydrochloric acid for more than 10 days without corrosion. At present, the international small and ultra-small magnetic materials almost Both use Parylene as insulation and protective coating.

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