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  • VPC-960

    It is suitable for coating processing of customers with larger production capacity. It is currently a large-capacity equipment in the domestic market

    Cavity Size:Φ1300 x L1500

    Physical Dimension:L4000*W1800*H2000mm

    Area:8 ㎡

  • HPC-300

    Suitable for barrel coating of products with smaller product sizes

    Cavity Size:Φ300 x L600

    Physical Dimension:L2450*W850*H1500mm

    Area:2 ㎡

  • HPC-960

    It is suitable for customers with large capacity requirements, greatly reducing coating costs

    Cavity Size:Φ960 x L650

    Physical Dimension:L3400*W1200*H1500mm

    Area:4 ㎡

  • VPC-508

    Suitable for vertical fixed coating of products

    Cavity Size:Φ508 x L900

    Physical Dimension:L2450*W850*H1500mm

    Area:2 ㎡

  • VPC-960

    Suitable for vertical coating of larger products or mass-produced products

    Cavity Size:Φ960 x H1200

    Physical Dimension:L3400*W1200*H2000mm

    Area:4 ㎡

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